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Pro-Tect Alarms working across Wakefield following burglary rates

Yorkshire-based house alarm company, Pro-Tect Alarms, has launched a programme to support homeowners living in the Wakefield area following recent burglary rates published online.

According to a report, burglary rates for WF2, WF4 and WF10 postcode areas totalled 75 in March 2019, with more than 980 burglaries in the Wakefield area over the past twelve months.

James Gillian, sales manager for Pro-Tect Alarms states: ‘It’s a homeowners worst nightmare, being burgled. As an alarm company we understand this and develop security alarms to help homeowners reduce or remove the risk of being burgled.’

Developed by its own engineers, Pro-Tect Alarms has produced a monitored alarm security system that also doubles as a home safety alarm. The Leeds-based alarm company also offers CCTV, making it one of the fastest growing alarm companies in the UK, and a company that offers complete home security systems.

‘We want to offer the very best range of home security systems from wireless alarms to CCTV. We understand providing our customers with both CCTV and monitored security systems ensures their peace of mind.

Pro-Tect Alarms, which has its head office just outside Leeds City Centre also provides alarm servicing and alarm maintenance to a growing customer based across Yorkshire and other parts of the UK, the company has also launched one of its first franchise companies in East London, enabling the local franchise, operated by Gul, to offer the firms range of home security alarms to homeowners living in East London.

If you would like to find out more about the range of alarm systems available please contact James for full details. Or, you can book your free product demonstration.

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