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Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred!

When it comes to describing people from Yorkshire there are countless adjectives that embody the virtues of Yorkshire folk. Hardworking and strong-minded are just two. But as a business we also know that the people of Yorkshire appreciate good service and value, which is why the Pro-Tect Alarms brand sits firmly on our commitment to deliver good service and value across our entire business. This mindset explains why Pro-Tect Alarms is becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing alarm companies; but then we’re also Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred so we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

When we say we’re an alarm company this is something of an understatement, because although we do sell, maintain and service domestic CCTV systems, we are really best known for our two-way monitored alarm, a clever piece of British (Yorkshire) engineering that provides around-the-clock home security and home safety, which is monitored by Chubb, another brand known for value.

Every alarm installed is bespoke to the homeowner, which ensures they get the best solution for their own needs. It wouldn’t make sense to do any other way, but we do hear it happens.

To explained why we understand that Yorkshire folk love service is to confidently and proudly declare that we have thousands of customers who have been with us for years; and the value, well we do offer a two-way monitored alarm system that protects against intruders, whilst at the same time monitoring for smoke – 24/7 – 365 days a year – fully installed for just £299* How’s that for value! It’s worth pointing out that this system has saved customers from house fires and from burglars so it truly is the perfect house alarm.

If you are looking for an alarm system and appreciate good service and value then request your free information pack today. You can even request a no obligation product demonstration from James, our Yorkshire born and bred Sales Manager.

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