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In a world of uncertainty, it’s good to know there’s one thing you can rely on, Pro-tect Alarms

You only have to switch on the TV, look at the news feeds on your mobile or look in a paper to come across bad news; the weather, political arguments – Brexit – yep, we had to mention the ‘B’ word, and of course crime. It seems there is nothing but doom and gloom around every corner.

Of course, there are plenty of things to put a smile on our faces, Christmas is coming! Not a fan? Sorry! How about bonfire night? No! Okay, well how about that warm reassuring – even smug – feeling you get knowing your home is protected day and night, whether you’re home, at work or doing the food shop. This is worth knowing after the Office of National Statistics published a report by the Police who recorded a 6% rise in offences of burglary (437, 537)’ earlier this year.

But there’s good news! We offer the very best in two-voice monitoring, a smart alarm system that provides around-the-clock protection and reassurance to thousands of customers. However, to give our customers even more choice we will soon be offering two further product options:  a CCTV system and a smart burglar alarm – both of course will be supported by our team of engineers, just like our voice monitored house alarm.

We will be providing more details for both the CCTV system and the smart burglar alarm, but for now let’s focus on the system we use ourselves, the system which has already proved itself time and time again, our two-voice monitored home alarm system that offers both home security and home safety. Our system will give you that warm reassuring – smug – feeling, especially when you consider its many benefits, which include around-the clock security, it will even alert you if it detects smoke. In fact, we could provide you with countless reasons why you should invest in one of these systems, but why not read for yourself just how great it is, or why not request your free, no obligation demonstration by one of our engineers to see just how good it really is.




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