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West Yorkshire Police arrive thanks to Pro-tect Alarms

A West Yorkshire based home security and home safety alarm company’s fast reaction to a customer’s alarm activation sees Police arrive within 10 minutes.

Pro-tect Alarms develops and installs its own range of monitored alarms that have been installed in homes across England. Its alarms are available through its network of franchisees and the systems offer a number of life-saving benefits, including around-the-clock protection for life and property.

One customer who lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire, stated: “Your reaction was excellent. The police were here within 10 minutes. Your people called the following day to ensure I was alright.

The two-way voice monitored alarm system system provides protection from a number of threats, including intruders. Pro-tect Alarms also provides monitored panic alarms and smoke detectors, which helped save the life of Susan Beattie from Crossgates: “I was on my own in the house when a firework was put through my letterbox and exploded, burning my stair carpet and filling my upstairs rooms full of smoke.

I cannot express just how reassuring it was when you took over and called the emergency services, I was shaking too much to dial!! Thank you all!!

The Pro-tect Alarm, Two-way voice system stays dormant until an activation, which can be caused by the homeowner using a panic alarm or due to an external force such as an intruder. Once activated a central monitoring station run by Chubb reacts in seconds, providing the homeowner with complete confidence.

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