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Can’t always be there for them?

Another great benefit to the Pro-tect Alarms Two-Way Voice alarm system is you can add wireless smoke detectors, making the system a home security and home safety alarm.

In a world of uncertainty, it’s good to know there’s one thing you can rely on, Pro-tect Alarms

We offer the very best in two-voice monitoring, a smart alarm system that provides around-the-clock protection and reassurance to thousands of customers.

West Yorkshire Police arrive thanks to Pro-tect Alarms

One customer who lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire, stated: “Your reaction was excellent. The police were here within 10 minutes. Your people called the following day to ensure I was alright.”

Monitored home alarms on rise thanks to firms like Pro-tect Alarms

The number of UK homeowners investing in monitored house alarms is increasing, thanks mainly to the investment and innovation from British technology firms like Pro-tect Alarms. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Pro-Tect Alarms,  is helping homeowners to protect their property and loved ones from intruders and the very real dangers of smoke and fire. Pro-tect […]

Three reasons why Pro-tect Alarms save lives

We have had many examples to prove just how effective our monitored home alarms are, but out of all the ones we have received the following three stand out as the most compelling reasons why you should choose Pro-tect Alarms. Reason 1 Excellent reactions ‘Your reaction was excellent. The police were here within 10 minutes. Your people […]

Why monitored home burglar alarms are the better option for UK homes

According to the BBC, there are 25 million homes in the UK, of which seven out of 10 are owner-occupied, and, according to the Office of National Statistics, in 2017 over 650,000 burglaries were reported in England and Wales. This startling statistic in itself is good enough motivation to safeguard your home. In American and […]
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