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Products and services from Pro-Tect Alarms Limited are the result of many years’ research, development, installation and maintenance of domestic home wireless safety and security systems.  The Pro-Tect concept is based on a simple, quick installation time (2 to 3 hours), and, being wireless, there is no mess. There is the requirement for only one annual service.

At the core of the Pro-Tect service is a unique, wireless, two-way voice-monitored system that ensures total piece of mind with regard to safety and security in the home for intruder, fire, panic, medical and soon-to-be-introduced carbon monoxide incursions.

Our partners, Chubb, a respected household name, look after our monitoring, providing one of the best call response times.

There is also a conversion unit available to transform very common basic ‘bells only systems’ into the Pro-Tect monitored system.

We also have “Trakker”, which is a very small stand-alone unit either worn around the neck or on a belt.  This will operate anywhere in the UK giving the holder or carer the comfort of knowing that by merely pushing the only button on the pendant, within seconds of activation, an expert will be speaking to the wearer. Through GPS they will know the precise location of that person.


I was impressed (and so was my neighbour!) how the first person about to go off duty, explained the situation to the one taking over, and how he then continued to monitor the situation by keeping in touch and listening carefully to what my neighbour was telling him – a somewhat rare occurrence these days.
Mr GR Senior, Sheffield
I was on my own in the house when a firework was put through my letterbox and exploded, burning my stair carpet and filling my upstairs rooms full of smoke. I cannot express just how reassuring it was when you took over and called the emergency services, I was shaking too much to dial!! Thank you all!!
Susan Beattie, Cross Gates
Your reaction was excellent. The police were here within 10 minutes. Your people called the following day to ensure I was alright.
Mrs Carter, Bradford
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